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Updated Terms & Conditions Effective as of February 17, 2017


Dear Models and Studios!


BongaModels kindly informs you that updated BongaModels Terms & Conditions are effective as of February 17.


You can learn more about the changes here.


Feb 17, 2017

Mondays are for Fresh Starts – Meet Your-Mistress!

Merry Monday and a Happy New Week! What’s on your checklist? Make sure to check out BongaCamsTop-100 Models Contest! This week, we are delighted to welcome back Your-Mistress – you rock. Congratulations on the new victory!

The fans and admirers of Your-Mistress are sure that she could win the first place any time with ease. For BongaCams users, this model is always the Queen – before and after the week will be over. She is our website’s Princess Charming because of her kindness, hard work, and great personality. Or maybe it’s her lovely smile that got her to the top in the first place?

Dear girls, smile! A brand new week awaits you where you can change everything. Be the next best model to reach No.1!

Feb 13, 2017

New Week, New Start, New Focus – EveVipe

Make Monday fabulous with a new week of great opportunities lying ahead of you! Top-100 Models Contest makes a glorious comeback with a brand new winner. Let us introduce you to this week’s highest-ranking model – EveVipe!

With EveVipe, the dreams of BongaCams users are finally coming true. Her matchless beauty and grace are at arm’s length. She is like a bright star in the sky that is always there when you look up. Whenever you need to fulfil your secret fantasies and desires, call on her, and she’ll be there! One thing is sure – EveVipe’s chat room is the place to be!

Girls, no matter where you start, you can make it to the top! We believe you have what it takes to become Miss of the Week. Dare to take risks and be the focus of attention as THE #1 HOST!

Feb 06, 2017

CallMeBadGirl Knows How to Defend a Title

makes a glorious comeback as the one and only Miss of the Week in our traditional Top-100 Models Contest. BongaCams is in awe!

CallMeBadGirl is one of the hottest wicked ladies you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet and chat to on BongaCams. If straightforward and intelligent minds make you feel excited, this girl will blow you away!

We can say with total confidence that she is a nobody’s fool and as deep as an ocean. CallMeBadGirl always manages to stay polite and respectful. Five stars are obviously just not enough to do her justice!

Dear girls, we love you all and can’t wait to see each and every one of you topping the weekly contest! You can do it! We believe in you!

Jan 30, 2017

New Payment System ePayments Available Now!

Dear models and studios!


For your convenience, we have updated the list of payment systems. Let us proudly present ePayments! This payment method is now available to models and studios on BongaModels!


The new electronic payment service ePayments is a reliable tool for your payouts – convenient, secure, and easy to use!


We wish you high earnings and hope that our cooperation will now become even more productive!


In case you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team!



Jan 25, 2017

Mind-Blowingly Amazing Start of the Week with BongaCams’ New No.1

Who is an absolute delight, always smiling, with a killer body? The winner of our traditional Top-100 Models Contest. This week, we are happy to see MeriLovely making a massive comeback as No.1!

MeriLovely is a happy soul, beaming with good mood and being kind to her fans and chat room guests like no other. She is admired and respected for being ever so stable and reliable in her angelic ways. MeriLovely is a professional model and a pretty woman of mature and confident character who is well capable of showing you the true meaning of ‘naughty’.

Dear girls, another week brings you another brilliant opportunity to stun our viewers with your grand performances! We very much hope that YOU will be in the spotlight next time! Good luck!

Jan 23, 2017

Let’s Get This Week Started with CallMeBadGirl

A new week brings a new winner, and here is this week’s top lady! Miss of the Week proudly presents the matchless CallMeBadGirl.

CallMeBadGirl is a lady of incredible physical beauty and sex appeal to rival anyone without a doubt. But
behind a direct, straightforward persona is a rich personality filled with intelligence, warmth, and humour.

She is in a class of her own and only those who seek and appreciate class, style, and quality can appreciate this Bad Girl sent from Heaven. Do not miss the opportunity to share some time with her in her chat room!

Dear models, BongaCams Team continues to encourage you give the best of your smoking hotness to land No.1 in our traditional contest Miss of the Week. Remember, EVERYONE can win!

Jan 16, 2017

BongaCams Very Own Wonder Woman Lands #1 in Top-100

Amazing! Not only does BongaCams now have its very own Wonder Woman, but she also takes the lead and tops our traditional contest Miss of the Week!

WonderWoman21 leaves BongaCams users speechless. Her beauty and strong personality are phenomenal. If you want a woman who is a hot stuff, a lady, and an angel all in one, you need to meet her at once!

This week’s winner works in the non-nude category and is a true wonder whose superpower is creating a very special environment around her chat room. Truth is, it’s not always about nudity, but more about a brilliant smile and an advanced sense of humour.

Dear ladies, whatever category you work in, now it’s your chance to become our website’s next wonder. We really want to encourage, prod, and push you to think about how you can be the game changer in the industry!

Jan 09, 2017

New Year, Fresh Start, and First Winner of Miss of the Week in 2017!

The beginning of a new year brings the opportunity with it; whether you decide to seize it is entirely up to you. Your-Mistress did, without hesitation, and is now the first winner of our ever-popular contest Miss of the Week in 2017! Congratulations!

What do BongaCams users say about her? Your-Mistress is very kind and welcoming no matter what, keeping her fans and admirers going. Her chat room is a safe online haven for many wandering souls that never fails to make their lives a little bit better.

We at BongaCams say cheers to 2017 and the fresh start! Everyone has a new chance to get it right. Start the new year off on a high and land No. 1 in our Top-100 soon!

Jan 02, 2017

The Names of the Winners of BongaCams Winter Contest!


The moment has come to announce the names of the ten lucky winners of BongaCams winter contest, each of whom won one trip for two to the colourful Thailand!


This time, the fortune smiled to the following models:


1. Pretty_Girl
2. DollForBoys 
3. Katyushkes-
4. Sonya-Mo
5. Smorodinkaa
6. Kira2017
7. Carrera911
8. SweetKira5
9. Sweet-cobra
10. TouchMyGi


Our managers will personally contact the winners to provide all the information about the trip.


BongaCams would like to congratulate the winners and thank all the participants for their effort and desire to win!


Please don't be sad if you didn't win this time! There will be more exciting contests, prizes, and gifts!



Dec 28, 2016